No Gold Rush at the Moment

No Gold Rush at the Moment

No Gold Rush at the moment it would seem.

Gold could still rebound, though in the past few weeks we’ve seen the selling of the gold metal becoming hectic as if it was in an alternative gold rush to sell.

We believe a bounce had been coming hence why we entered the trade, however it could be the bounce is short lived and a continuation of the downtrend.

We entered for a Buy trade to get on the “Gold Rush”, but we don’t feel it will last long due to the position of sellers still, at around the 1200.00 area, price looks like it had a moment of strength to take it back up to that level and the sellers will enter again for another sell off and take price down further to an area we believe to be containing buyers around the 1150.00 area.

We’ll be taking a close watch of current economic events such as the US-China trade talks, as this too will be sure to have an impact on Gold.

Gold Rush

(Our trading and image was done using an account with UK based broker IG)

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GoldloverPosted on5:59 pm - Aug 23, 2018

I reckon you got lucky.
Or you knew something was gonna make Gold turn around, interesting to keep seeing how it turns out.

AdminPosted on5:38 pm - Aug 29, 2018

Hi Goldlover,

Maybe it is luck, only time will tell, we’ll keep watching.


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