Profit from Bitcoin Crytpocurrency

The Cryptocurrency has been trading near the $9,436 level and has jumped almost 20% in the past week as the speculation of Bitcoin and other cryptos continue.

Despite the recent downtrend we decided to take a quick Buy position, the recent low looks to have been tested and looking like a support, whether the is more of a downturn to come for the cryptocurrency that’s anyone guess, however some strength in the market is still available and some commentators believe Bitcoin will raise further, and a potential upheaval back to around the $12,000 level into an area of resistance and more sellers.

A possible price growth and we could see the cryptocurrency’s value soar to higher levels than it had shown back in 2017.

We went for the short term, a bounce off a supply level and took profit for £427.38


(Our trading and image was done using an account with UK based broker IG)

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